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by Rookie


I'm attempting to migrate some sites I have hosted on a DigitalOcean Droplet using EasyEngine v3 to a new DigitalOcean Droplet I have which is running Webinoly.

I'm attempting to migrate using the ManageWP service. However, I believe the issue seems to be regarding how to actually connect via SFTP when SSH key based authentication is active.

I have executed webinoly -login-www-data=on. However, when I attempt to connect via Transmit via SFTP or via ManageWP it seems to be giving me an error.

Via ManageWP SFTP it gives me this error: Could not upload conn.php: Could not create the directory /var: sftp: "Permission denied" (SSH_FX_PERMISSION_DENIED) 

I tried to assign the www-data user a password by running passwd www-data and assigning a password. However, this doesn't seem to allow me to have access either.

Origin Server (Ubuntu 16.04, EasyEngine v3, SSH Key authentication)

Destination Server (Ubuntu 18.04, Webinoly, SSH Key Authentication)

Please advise, any assistance is greatly appreciated! 

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Hi Brian,

I have never used ManageWP, but what I can see in the error you are getting is that for some reason you are trying to transfer data and create a directory in the /var folder, www-data user have no permissions to access this folder.

The www-data user have only permissions to access /var/www/* and whatever is inside up in this level, but not below of it. It's like a security "jail" to limit what this user can do.


by Rookie

How do I go about connecting via SFTP otherwise via CyberDuck or Transmit, etc?

As I said, these connections don't work either.

by Expert
Just use your PPK file (SSH key) and with your host and port data you will be able to stablish an SFTP connection if you have this feature enabled in Webinoly.

Check this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxtebJMpOcs
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