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Webinoly v1.7.2 upgrade to 1.7.3 after

donot create a new site

~# sudo site domain.com -wp

[ERROR] Please enter a valid custom value!

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Thanks for reporting this issue.

I will fix it and do a new release in a couple of days.

by Rookie
I am having the same problem...
my first time with webinoly, I was curious to see the environment, I thought I had a problem with the creation of the site: subdomain.domain.com

I'll wait for you to update
by Expert

Sorry, it's just a bug introduced in the latest update. But all the other features are working fine, you still can create WordPress sites using "default" or "custom" data options.

sudo site domain.com -wp=default
sudo site domain.com -wp=[...your custom data...]

Please, read the documentation.


by Rookie
forgive me, I started with the "easy" tutorial
Now I will read all the documentation

thank you
by Expert
Webinoly v1.7.4 has been released!

Now everything should be working as expected and sorry for the inconveniences.
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