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I'm having some problem with caching on my site. I used the installation with -wp-cache.

I have a buddypress + learndash community and post some blog posts.

It turns out that many times when I am not logged in I see the mobile version, even being on the desktop.

I think the problem is with the cache, since when I clear the cache by the wordpress panel the correct version is shown.

If anyone can help me, I'm very grateful.

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Hi @fabiannki

Try to follow this script. Disable the site cache.

sudo site example.com -cache=off

Clear the server cache.

sudo webinoly -clear-cache=all

clear your browsers cache

Reactivate and reconfigure the cache plugins.

sudo site example.com -cache=on

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Obrigado @rafaelrodriges
Não tinha lembrado que havia este comando para desabilitar o cache do nginx.
Utilizei ele e mudei para um plugin de cache php
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Maybe you should take a look at this issue in our GitHub page: https://github.com/QROkes/webinoly/issues/22

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