Optimized NGINX Web Server

Install, configure and optimize your own Web Server in seconds…

A complete LEMP stack – Linux Ubuntu + Nginx + MariaDB (or MySQL, you can choose) + PHP – or install individual packages according to your needs.

One of the most reliable configurations to host your websites and with Webinoly you can do it in just one step:

wget -qO weby qrok.es/wy && sudo bash weby

Get your PHP site, WordPress, or your own app running in minutes… mind-blowing, right? Your own VPS or Dedicated Server (Bare Metal or traditional) in the cloud has never been so easy and fast to operate, configure your instance in the cloud of Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean or any of your preference.

Making NGINX easy for everyone!

Your Trusted Professional tool and solution.
Enhanced with additional features for IT and DevOps professionals.

If you know about NGINX and servers, this tool is for you!

Stack Builder & Configuration Manager

Why Webinoly? Webinoly vastly simplifies all your webserver.

Battle-TestedThousands of servers around the world running Webinoly right now!
EasyGet your server rolling in minutes
Open SourceSee everything!
FreePay nothing!

Webinoly follows the best practices for your website…

You’ll get a complete NGINX server running all the software you need configured according to the best practices. All of this is powered by Webinoly for configuration management, ensuring that you’re always ready by default for the most demanding projects and needs.

  • Don’t like our defaults? Every part of Webinoly is overrideable!
  • No need to deal with confusing settings, and weird and unnecessary file structures.
  • Portability is everything for your team. All your complex and custom stack requirements in a single config file and ship them to all your devs. This way all your team can replicate and work with the same standarized environment.
  • Everything from command line, without over bloating your server with unnecessary control panels or any other software that consumes your resources.
  • No lock-in! Remove Webinoly and your apps keep working!
  • No need – never – to share or add any SSH Keys, API Tokens, or any other kind of access credentials with us or a third party that compromises your server security.

Modern LEMP stack

  • Free SSL certificates for your sites with Let’s Encrypt.
  • HTTP/3 dramatically increase the speed of serving your content.
  • PHP 8.3 and support for earlier versions if needed (8.2, 8.1, 8.0 or 7.4).
  • FastCGI Cache and Redis Object Cache.
  • Get an A+ grade on Qualys (SSL Labs) Test.
  • Automatically optimize your server to get the most out of the available resources.

* We only use official and well-known sources (PPA’s), we never use custom compiled or modified software packages that compromise your server security and reliability.

Webinoly is a powerful set of commands for doing just about anything you could wish.

Managing your websites has never been so easy…

  • Advanced native features and support for WordPress sites. (40% of the Internet runs on WP)
    • Install WP in any subfolder and support for external databases, multisite and domain mapping.
  • Support for any type of websites HTML, PHP, Reverse-Proxy, or any configuration of your preference in LEMP environment.
  • The perfect base to host any APP: Laravel, Java, Node, Angular, React, Vue, etc. in a powerful NGINX setup. (frameworks not included)
  • A complete suite of tools for backups.
    • Moving or migrating a site or the whole server has never been so easy!
  • Advanced support for cloning your sites for testing and development.
  • Use your own domain with any external file repo like S3 with our Reverse-Proxy configuration.
  • Nginx redirection manager, native SMTP for emails and a lot more features.
  • Protect your site, folder or file with HTTP Authentication.
  • Datadog native integration for monitoring and analytics.
  • Advanced NGINX site configurations with independent subfolders.
    • Support for multiple locations with independent configuration.
  • Custom FastCGI Cache support for any dynamic site.
  • Log viewer in real-time.

See a complete list of all our features here…

Webinoly makes it easy for you to automate your installations since it is designed to work and be included in your scripts in a completely unattended way, either for your horizontal escalation or quick recovery needs, you can always include Webinoly to facilitate this task.