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I'm trying to install Webinoly on a kimsufi dedicated server. Ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04 (both versions tested) but I can't get it working

It doesn't give me the DB password either and then, when creating a site, it gives an error: [ERROR] NGINX is required to create a site!

It also says: "You need to have MySQL, PHP and NGINX installed before you can install PhpMyAdmin!" but MySQL is installed successfully, as well as Nginx (entering the IP address on the browser works)..


PS: Used this command: " wget -qO weby qrok.es/wy && sudo bash weby 3 "

by Expert

Hi nachosh,

Run: sudo webinoly -info and send me the output.

by Rookie

I guess what I edited are passwords..

by Expert
Webinoly configuration file is completely corrupted, I don't know why, but "\n" new lines are showing and the data inside is corrupted. For some reason webinoly can not write and read this file as is expected.

Are you sure you are using bash shell?
by Rookie
Yes, and I'm installing it on a clean Ubuntu machine... Can it be related to the Ubuntu image OVH is using in the restore process? No idea...
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I have no idea!

The only thing I can recommend is that you should try in a new and fresh server:

  • Update and upgrade your server before installing Webinoly: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
  • Or also, you can try with Ubuntu 18.04.
by Rookie

Also getting these errors while installing. Maybe it is helpful..

I tried to install Webinoly on a virtual machine on my desktop (using Virtualbox and a 18.04 ubuntu ISO image) and worked perfectly. I guess it will be something related to OVH's Ubuntu template..

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Yes, I know Webinoly is working perfectly fine, this is just you having issues with your cloud provider.

The error of your last image is the same as before, caused because Webinoly can't write and read the conf file properly.
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