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I love my servers that use Webinoly even more than accounts I have with WP hosting companies that have a control panel. I can make a backup easily by

  • exporting the database
  • zipping the wp-content folder

Then I can attempt major updates and if anything breaks I can revert quickly by

  • deleting the database and the wp-content folder
  • unzipping the backup
  • importing the backup database

A nice feature would be a command to manage something like this. Maybe you could enter something like

site domain.com --snapshot-create

to create a compressed file containing the site folder and the database file, auto-named with domain name and timestamp. If we tried it again it would give a warning saying there is already a snapshot, and do you want to overwrite it with a current snapshot. Then, later, maybe the command to restore the snapshot (and overwrite the existing site) could be

site domain.com --snapshot-restore

And there would be a warning saying something like, "This will overwrite the existing site domain.com with snapshot-domain.com-timestamp. Are you sure?". If there were no snapshot yet created the system would say so.

Maybe there would be some options to proceed without any warning (for scripts).

Just an idea I was thinking about to make it easier to do this before doing updates.

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Hi sshanky,

The good news is that a similar feature is in our roadmap and scheduled to be released in v1.10.0 (December 2019).


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