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I want to password protect an entire staging site, so httpauth -wp-admin=on isn't enough. Based on a few answers on similar topics, my understanding is that in order to achieve that, I will have to edit the nginx config files under /etc/nginx/common

If I do so, though, wouldn't my changes get lost after a Webinoly update? At least that's what the warnings on those files suggest.

So, I was wondering if there is a better way to do it. I tried creating a custom-nginx.conf file on the root on my site and added the following rule:

location = / {
        include common/acl.conf;

It will password protect the Homepage, but not the internal pages. If i remove = and keep only location /, nginx -t throws an error saying that location / is a duplicate.

If I do location ~ / It will password protect everything, but after signing in, only the home page works. The rest of the pages will throw a server error.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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Just put the "include acl" line in /etc/nginx/sites-available/domain.com, in the server block and before the first include in that block, in this case you don't need the location directive, then restart the Nginx service.

And as I mentioned several times before here, this feature will be included in the next major release (v1.9.0).

by Rookie
Thank you for the instant response.

I think that I tried that too on my first efforts but it didn't work at first. I must have missed something (maybe it was the order, because I think that I put it right before the last one).

I followed your suggestion now and it worked perfectly.

Thanks again for the great product and support!
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