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by Rookie
I got an email about this feature but didn't find much information in the documentation.

Can this feature automatically send complete backups daily and delete them locally? Thanks for all your work. Appreciated.

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Please, read the documentation!

Webinoly has automated support only for AWS S3. All the other storage services (like Backblaze) can be manually configured using Duply and Duplicity. We do this automatically for S3, both tools are already installed in your Webinoly server and we use it for S3.

by Rookie

Sorry for the late reply. 


Backblaze has an S3 compatible API. Won't that work?.

If not, is there a guide on setting up backblaze with Webinoly? Thanks .

by Expert

Why don't you try it and you tell us?

Also, if you simply use the SEARCH function, you can find very useful topics like this: https://webinoly.com/support/4031/amazon-s3-compatible-storage

by Rookie
I read that post.
Sorry, but I am not able to find a resource on backing to backblaze. I tried googling, the docs but I didn't find relevant information.
Sorry to bother you, but do you have some resources on how to setup backblaze with webinoly using Duply/Duplicity?
by Talented

Here, let me Google that for you -- backblaze webinoly Duply Duplicity

by Rookie
I had tried googling.
But I didn't find anything which showed how it works with webinoly. So, it it that webinoly backups have nothing to do with duply and I have to set it up to backup  WP sites in a way I would've done on a server which does not use webinoly? The backups feature in webinoly does not make things any easier for people not using aws?
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I am surprised because...

A) You can manually configure any backup supported by Backblaze B2.

B) There are some similar services that offer what they call "S3 compatibility". Webinoly is configured to accept only names that comply with the *official* bucket naming convention. If you want to use Backblaze B2 you need to enter the URL - you can do it by creating the profile and later editing the profile configuration file to modify the bucket name manually and enter the desired URL.

C) The "Backups", "Local WP database backup", "Backups to AWS S3", and "Send file to S3" are some of the most clearly defined and fully explained sections of the documentation.

As I understand it Duplicity backs up files by producing encrypted tar-format volumes and uploading them to a remote location, including Backblaze B2.

I found this how-to on the BackBlaze website.

Where exactly are you having a problem?

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