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by Rookie
Randomly I keep getting 500 errors on the websites while I'm browsing. Also random downtimes for a minute or two everyday
by Rookie
How can I completely reinstall webinoly to reset all configurations without deleting websites?

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by Expert

Hi thinker,

Please, check your logs and see if you can find a clue about what is causing this downtines and errors.

You can reinstall Webinoly doing an update sudo webinoly -update, another option is reinstalling using the option "0". Both will overwrite files.

Another option is the "server reset" command sudo webinoly -server-reset


by Rookie

I'm getting below error in the logs

Upstream timed out fastcgi

I'm on mobile and can't paste the exact log sorry but above are primary keywords  Thanks.
by Expert

Please, try this:

Increase the "fastcgi_read_timeout" value in /etc/nginx/conf.d/fastcgi.conf. Current value is 30, maybe try with 120 and tell me if it solves your issue.

Don't forger restart nginx: sudo service nginx reload


by Rookie
Okay I've modified it. I'll monitor . Thanks for the help.
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