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by Rookie
Hello, I'm having some trouble with my new webinoly based server. Formerly I used EE3

I tend to use all my domains on cloudflare. But now, everytime I use CF as a proxy (orange cloud) I cannot generate a LE certificate, and if I turn it off, I can, but as soon as I turn on my CF proxy, I get a SSL Handshake error.

I already whitelisted my server IP on cloudflare. I used to enable every site on easyengine without any error. What Am I doing wrong? Can someone help?

2 Answers

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by Expert

Hi willkoga,

I have no experience with CF, but for the kind of error you're getting you should check the cypher suite supported by CF and compare it with Webinoly. I know that CF have support for modern cypher suites in paid plans but is very rudimentary in free plans.


by Rookie
Anyway I can have more simplified cipher that work on CF? Easyengine chypher worked ok... Anyway I can use something --le-old or something? I have a couple of sites that get a lot of hacking attempts and CF is kind of obligatory.

Thank you for the great work man, already thanked you on FB, and cannot say it enough, Webinoly saved my old, less powerful boxes.
by Expert

Webinoly only have support for modern cypher suites.

Although is not recommended, if you need change this settings, you can do it manually in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

I don't know which cypher suite are supported by CF in their free plan.

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by Talented
I use CloudFlare with Let's Encrypt as follows, I generate SSL on the server, then I activate the CloudFlare proxy and in the Crypto tab I leave it in Full Strict, so I never have an SSL problem.
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