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by Rookie
I love Webinoly and find it super easy to use.  I had one issue which was answered here, and highlighted a minor irritation solved in the release today.

My concern with making a jump is where can I get advice and help on a critical issue?  With managed cPanel hosting or Siteground etc, the support team is there but who helps me out with an issue now?

I also struggle a bit with

a) backups - think AWS is setup but not sure how to test

b) migrating sites.  I have a Duplicator Pro licence, would I be able to migrate a WP site using that but would I create a PHP site then upload the installer and backup files?  Would Webinoly know or care this was a WordPress site after that (can I add the cache option, set the environment etc?)

c) Wordpress updates - I ended up adding wp cli and adapting a bash script from github to loop through sites and update themes, plugins and translations but wondered what the recommended approach was.

Thanks again for a first class script and support
by Rookie
FWIW I tested the backups via AWS as per the documentation.

I tested both restoring one file and also backup/restore the whole server and config.  Worked like a charm.  RTFM Bloory.

I am going to test a Duplicator setup next and will reply here for future reference.

This script is A***
by Rookie
Restoring from Duplicator worked like a dream using the method outlined here.

It was also quite easy to use wget to fetch the files form Google Drive using a quick search.

I have now verified the site and daily backup being stored.  My super fast, super secure sites are hosted for $5 a month.  Amazing.

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