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I get new vps, update ubuntu and install webinoly. Then i added -php site, upload here index.php and some media files. And i get:

  • site.com and site.com/index.php — get 200, work good
  • site.com/bla-bla-bla.php — get 404, work good
  • site.com/bla-bla-bla — get 200, bad
  • site.com/bla-bla-bla/bla-bla— get 200, bad
  • site.com/bla/bla-bla.php— get 404, good

How can I fix it?

If i add site as -html (not -php) — this problem does not exist.

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That's because PHP sites are configured to be "dynamic" by default.

For example, in a CMS like WordPress, all non-php requests (if not exists) are internally redirected to index.php and the requested page is built dynamically because it really doesn't exist as a file in your server.

That's why your non-php request returns a 200 code, because they are redirected to index.php, that it actually exists.

Solution: Webinoly has an option to create "fully custom sites", that way you can create your very own custom configuration.

by Rookie
I tried do my own config, i ask to help my devops friend — we can't do it, without changing original webinoly configs's.(
by Rookie
And yes, the best answer you can think of is to try to solve the problem yourself.

Seriously, do you really think that's a good answer that no one would guess and is worth the time to write?
by Rookie
Why do you keep writing obvious things?(
by Expert

Post your solution with details and maybe somebody can help you to correct what you are trying to do. But based on your comments and your attitude, I don't think someone wants to help you. Bye!

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