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How do I correctly setup a WordPress website on a fresh Lightsail Ubuntu server, which is also connected through Cloudflare.

I've been trying for hours to figure out what I'm doing wrong to no avail.

I use the following:
sudo site example.com -wp -cache=on

sudo site example.com -ssl=on

In Cloudflare I have SSL/TLS encryption mode set to Full. Then whenever I access the website it gives a error code 522. 

If I don't use sudo site example.com -ssl=on and I set Cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption to Off, I am able to access the website. So I assume that the issue has to do with the SSL.

What am I doing wrong?

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For those having the same issue, I've found what the problem was. 

By default, new Lightsail servers don't have HTTPS rule added IPv4/6 Firewall. Add that and all is good.

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Try selecting Full mode

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cache reset and Object cache

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