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I am trying to clone a WordPress website (Not a Multisite) from a subdomain (main.example.com) to a subdirectory (demo.example.com/dir1).

I checked the documentation and found below command (Highlighted in yellow)

However, when I tried the same I got the error -> [ERROR] Subfolder not found!

sudo site demo.example.com -clone-from=main.example.com -subfolder=/dir1

Please let me know if I'm missing something!

Webinoly version: 1.17.8

Current stack version: 1.8

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That's not how it works!

When using the subfolder parameter, you can only move from domain1/folder to domain2/folder. So, you are receiving an error because that subfolder doesn't exist in the main site.

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That makes sense! The documentation didn't make it clear, thank you for the quick answer!

Cloning from subdomain/domain to subfolder might bring up more complexity, and would need additional params like source-subfolder and dest-subfolder. Better to handle it manually.

Thanks again!
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