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by Rookie
Hello, our first attempt on installing Webinoly and zabbix is a partly success and so we have a question about the cooperation between zabbix and Webinoly.

We installed the zabbix agent like we always do on our VPS servers, but we can't connect to the port 10500 used by zabbix?

does anyone know what is happening?

Hi @kyzoeadmin, can you guide us on how to install and configure zabbix properly please? Thanks alot.
by Rookie
what OS and version are you using?
Hi, im on Ubuntu 18.04 and latest webinoly version.

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by Expert
First of all, Webinoly does not even have a firewall. So, I don't know why you can not connect through an specific port.

If you are using our "reverse proxy" site configuration, you should check if you have something blocking these ports, like an external firewall that is included almost with all cloud providers.

If you are trying to connect your app/agent through a "normal" site, these sites are configured to only listen port 80 and 443, in this case you have to use your own custom nginx configuration.

Are you the owner of "zabbix" or why are you requesting a collaboration between these two tools?

Best regards.
by Rookie
Ai ai i feel so stupid....

i forgot to start the zabbix service on the VPS, guess we were so excited on the new and fast setup that i forgot to start the agent. Well after starting the agent, everything works and zabbix get data from the VPS server.

We can safely monitor the vps and test webinoly... Thanks for the great work.
by Expert

And.....  did you fixed your issue?

If you are just promoting your product or spamming, you will be banned from this forum. (Previous comments were deleted)


by Rookie
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So sorry to give you a wrong impression, we were just asking help with a reasonable known monitoring package, and i feel stupid that i didn't get it working. So i posted it here, but sorry for asking. We have nothing to do with the monitoring system, just using it.

We managed to get it working. I am not promoting anything.
by Expert

Don't worry!

Just ask technical questions and avoid give unnecessary details about third party products/services, specially when these actions can be taken as promotional or spam.

I will remove/edit some of your comments, just to be sure.


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