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I’m curious to know if anyone has tackled duplicating a site (either within same webinoly installation or to a separate VPS) to create a staging environment?

Basically I’m interested in creating a copy of domain.com to staging.domain.com in an automated/scalable way (ie don’t want to have to be manually editing config files, copying folders, mucking with SQL imports, etc).

Going to be digging into this soon and wanted to see if anyone else had laid any useful groundwork or had tips to tackle such a task. Thx!
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FWIW, here's what I'm doing in lieu of native duplication/staging functionality. YMMV:

Must ensure wpcli installed first: https://wp-cli.org/

1. Create new site

site staging.domain.com -wp -cache=on

2. Export database from current site and copy to new site

cd ~/www/domain.com/htdocs
wp db export
mv domain_com-2019-06-24-7a722fe.sql ~/www/staging.domain.com/htdocs/dbexport.sql

3. Import database

cd ~/www/staging.domain.com/htdocs
wp db import dbexport.sql
wp search-replace 'http://domain.com' 'http://staging.domain.com'

4. Copy files (themes/plugins/uploads)

cp -r ~/www/domain.com/htdocs/wp-content ~/www/staging.domain.com/htdocs

5. Visit new site!

(don't forget to point DNS records for staging.domain.com to your server)

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I've been needing to migrate sites on an almost daily basis lately, so put this into a script to automate a bit. It doesn't have any error checking and I'm no bash expert (so I'm sure it's full of problems) but in case it helps anyone else before official support is released:


# usage:
# sh migrate.sh sourcedomain.com targetdomain.com

# Note:
# wpcli must be installed (https://wp-cli.org/)
# WP sites must already be created via webinoly


echo Migrating $SOURCE to $TARGET...

# path to Webinoly's www directory

cd "$WPPATH$TARGET/htdocs"

# migrate database
wp db export db_migrate.sql --allow-root --path=$WPPATH$SOURCE/htdocs
wp db import db_migrate.sql --allow-root
wp search-replace $SOURCE $TARGET --allow-root

# migrate files
cp -r $WPPATH$SOURCE/htdocs/wp-content $WPPATH$TARGET/htdocs

# clean up
rm db_migrate.sql

echo "Finished!"

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Thanks a lot Denny for sharing it here!
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Hi Denny,

The good news is that this feature is in our roadmap to be a native option in Webinoly and it's scheduled to be released in v1.10.0 (December 2019).

For now, you can find a lot of plugins in WordPress that can handle it very well.


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Cool, looking forward to that as an official feature. Will it handle multisite? I didn't mention it because didn't want to complicate the question but that's what I'm specifically looking to do - so domain.com, sub.domain.com, would become staging.domain.com, sub.staging.domain.com.

Plugins generally aren't advanced enough to handle multisite/large installations that well, so was assuming I'd have to get my hands dirty with wpcli and/or some custom scripting to migrate it all properly into a usable staging site.
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I still don't know if in this first release it will have support for multisite, I'm still thinking and analyzing the best way to implement this feature.

Change the domain in an existing website or duplicate an existing website, both are so different use cases that can work to solve the "staging" feature.
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True. I'm going more for copying vs renaming myself. Posted my approach above. Thx for your input :D
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This feature has been currently released in v1.10.0.


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