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by Rookie
Hello. First of all - Thank you so much fo the great sollution as Webinoly. I use it and I`m happy. But yesterday I wanted to upgrade webinoly and made the decision to verify it before. I received an error - Tools site not found or is not enabled! It so strange because it works good few weks ago. In what tools system talking about? I`m not really sure what I understand. I`ll be glad for any adviсe. Thanks and have a nice day!

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Hi squarepusher,

It means that you have set a site for accesing the Webinoly Tools section (normally at port 22222) using sudo webinoly -tools-site=domain.com and now that domain is not found in your server.

Maybe that site was deleted or it was just disabled.


by Rookie
Thank you. It`s work well now.
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