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by Rookie

I am currently migrating my multisite to a new webinoly powered server and during import the all in migration plugin is taking too long to finish which also based on the chrome console it gets sa 504 server error. Upon research I found out that this adjustments might be needed for my need.

Ideally, you will have memory_limit set to 256M, max_execution_time set to 500, and mysql.connect_timeout set to 400. 

source: https://help.servmask.com/knowledgebase/what-to-do-while-restoring-database-displaying-for-so-long/

Can anyone assist me where do I adjust this line of codes?

Although I have read in the webinoly that there is a syntax -conf-value but I think it has only specific codes that can be adjusted? 

Update, modify or reset server settings

This is an advanced function and you only have to make this type of modifications if you know the impact and result that could cause in the behavior of your server, otherwise we recommend to keep the configuration set by default.

The Webinoly configuration file is located in /opt/webinoly/webinoly.conf and only the following variables can be updated manually, you must be careful not to modify any other values.

  • max-mb-uploads
  • php-max-mem
  • redis-max-mem
  • fd-ratio
  • nginx-fd-ratio
  • swap-mem
  • nginx-ppa
  • log-lines
  • debug
  • mail

To modify a variable in the configuration file you can use the command -conf-value_<variable>=<value> as follows: sudo webinoly -conf-value_mail=user@mail.com.

Hope you can assist me in regards to this. thank you

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