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by Rookie

When using mautic with the optimizations made by Webinoly, there is an issue because the tracking files are not "real files" but dinamically generated scripts and pixels. The NGINX is configured to serve "real files" so 404 errores are returned for the tracking scripts and pixels, and because of that, email reads, website visits, etc... are not tracked.

Any idea about a change in the default locations to allow for NGINX to serve dinamically generated files?

by Expert
I have no experience with Mautic, but I've read a couple of tutorials made by users about Mautic and Webinoly and none of them have mentioned something related to a special Nginx configuration.

You can easily find these tutorials on Google.

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by Rookie
Thanks a lot for your response. Actually installing Mautic is extremely easy with Webinoly, but it has this "issue" of the dinamically generated tracking scripts and images. None of the tutorials I've seen (including the 2 you shared on another question) tackle this issue. Is is a common problem with NGINX with several solutions proposed in Google (with modifications to the conf file of the site), but I can't get any to work on Webnoly. If we forget about Mautic and just think of the scenario of a dinamically generated file... have you seen this situation with any other software?

Thanks again.
by Talented

This is my mautic.conf, try it out, works for me:


Hope it helps.

So I added this to the

include /var/www/mautic.example.com/*-nginx.conf;

and it still didn't resolve the dynamic js issue.

is that where you put it or directly in the ~/sites-available/mautic.example.com
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