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I want to redirect domain A to domain B.

I type the following command:

site domain-a.com -redirection -from=/ -to=https://domain-b.com/webmail -http-code=301

And I get an nginx error:

nginx: [emerg] duplicate location "/" in /etc/nginx/apps.d/domain-a.com-nginx.conf:3

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, isn't this the right way to add a redirect?

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First of all, thanks for reporting this issue, it will be fixed in the next release (v1.11.0). Redirecting from root path "/" is a special case and we need to treat it in a special way.

Also in v1.11.0 we will include a lot of improvements in the redirection manager, including a new feature to redirect a complete domain (domain forwarding). Any request to this domain will be redirected, not only "/".
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Awesome, sounds like a plan! Do you know when will v1.11.0 will be released? Thanks!
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Later in april.

You can always see the next scheduled release (tentative date) here: https://webinoly.com/support/849/please-read-before-posting
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This issue has been fixed in v1.11.0, released today.
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