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I don't know what to do crying

When I make change header on my site with elementor they apply after 5 - 10 minutes.

I disable cache with command "sudo site mysite.com -cache=off", delete Nginx helper and redis object cache plugin, try command on server "sudo webinoly -clear-cache=all" and "sudo webinoly -config-cache=[1s,1s,1s]", use incognito browser, reload browser with delete cache.

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problem with wp_config.php

solve the problem

define('WP_CACHE', false);

the problem still persists (

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Webinoly does not add/modify the "WP_CACHE" variable in wp-config, so I think your issue comes from a different place.

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I imported the site from the local computer using the site transfer plugin
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That's not a Webinoly issue, I'm pretty sure of that!

You need to debug what you are doing with the other tools. Start with a new and clean site created with Webinoly and then start including the other things you are using to find what's causing the problem.
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I have no way to redo the site again sad

Maybe it is possible to correctly export the site? 

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If you want help on exporting the site, let me know, I can try to export the site to new server.

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Let me take a guess... you'e using Google's Chrome browser.

I had this problem with Chrome and never figured out how to fix it.
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Did not guess)

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