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I encountered the following problems with my Webinoly setup after using it for about a month:

On a multisite setup problems with permissions to activate/deactivate plugins. Also when I try to insert something from the media gallery like images or videos on a Spanish translation of a post using Polylang, I can't see any of the media that was uploaded before and that I can access from the English posts.

This behavior started like a week ago, before that everything was running nicely. When I run sudo Webinoly -verify shows: ERROR System could not work properly.

Is there a command to try to auto-fix problems?  I read about other users requesting a CLI command to fix user permissions to 644 and 755 automatically. Don't know if this is been considered in the roadmap.

Besides that, another thing I find odd for multisite (probably a multisite constraint and not Webinoly) is that there is no way to purge the Redis objects or Cache per site, so you have to do it for the whole network.

I'm not having any issues with two other sites that are independent from the multisite network, so it seems that only multisite is affected.

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Hi Jay,

  • Is it happening with all the plugins? Can you please check if folder/file permissions are correct in your plugins folder?
  • Polylang issues are out of the scope of Webinoly. I use this plugin all the time without any problems, please go to the plugin support page.
  • The auto-fix permissions command you mentioned is on my list of possible/future features but not scheduled yet. I don't know when will be released and to be honest I'm not even sure if it will be developed.
  • No, there is no way to purge cache per site, or at least I don't know how to do it.
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Just for anyone that encounters the Polylang problem of seen the library empty for a language, the solution is to deactivate the media checkbox in advanced settings. I enabled this feature without understanding that it separates all media per language in order to be able to localize the alt and other metadata per language for SEO purposes.

For the other problems with multisite I was experiencing them with all plugins and I had to move all of them to separate sites since it was taking to much time and needed to work on them. They all work fine now as single site.
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