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by Rookie
Hello there, today I tried to install a new theme, but my website suddenly become chaos.

and then after much trial, I enable and disable each plugin, I notice that the culprit is the woocommerce plugin.

I updated the webinoly version - same problem appear

I tried again using fresh new server - the same problem appear

I tried using easyengine - it worked. (but honestly, no one wants to use them anyway)

this is the problem, I recorded on video, please help me.

by Rookie
just a little update, I make it work by using backup method, which mean I use easyengine or any wordpress account, install the theme, and after succesfully installed theme with all its plugins, I download the backup using all-in-one-wp migration. and then in my webinoly server, I create a new wordpress, and upload it there.
by Rookie
Another solution I found just now.

access your server using winSCP, look for your website folder under /var/www/yourwebsite.com/htdocs/wp-content/plugins

look for woocomerce folder and rename it, just put a little "s" in front of it will work.

and then reload your website, you will be able to see your normal dashboard again (but without woocomerce plugin activated)

now head to plugin, search for really simple ssl, and activate it. after that you can go ahead rename back "woocomerces" to woocomerce.

I had done this quite a hundreds times, only now I exprience this problem.
by Expert
WooCommerce Plugin runs fine with Webinoly, lots of people use it!

You're using some kind of theme bundled with plugins, if you are having issues with them, you should use their support channel. Here, there's not so much we can do to help you with issues related to third-party products.

If you want to report some Webinoly misconfiguration issue you need to provide specific technical details about what is failing or what you suggest to modify in order to improve our compatibility with these third.party products.
by Rookie
Some people will search for this problem and found webinoly. Wouldn't that be a good thing?
by Expert
Please, stop posting these non-sense things like your last comment here. Also, your last question posted was removed.

Next time you will be banned from this forum.

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