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by Rookie
on a fresh install of wp first thing i did it activate nginx and redis plugin, both worked as intended... than after  -multisite-convert you can only install network wide both the plugins, nginx works fine but redis not
Status: Disabled
Drop-in: Invalid
Disabled: No
Redis Extension: 5.3.1
Predis Client: Not found
PHP Version: 7.4.8
Redis Version: Unknown
Multisite: Yes
WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT: "blablabla"
Drop-ins: []
root@damir-skorup:~# webinoly -verify Verifying integrity of the entire Webinoly system... Integrity test passed!!


by Rookie
ok, solved it myself...

manually copy the object-cache.php file from the /plugins/redis-cache/includes/ directory to the /wp-content/ directory.

now works =)
by Expert
That's a plugin issue not related to Webinoly!

You should report this issue to the plugin author.
by Rookie
it was working with single setup and the file was there,redis plugin was working.. after enabling multisite file was gone....

nevermind, written here is the solution if anybody has the same issue =)

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