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Hi there,

thanks for latest update. Following the advanced setup guide I get an error message

sudo webinoly -timezone=America/Mexico_City - Timezone not found or not valid!

Same with Europe/Berlin (my case).



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Hi Rüdiger,

You are right, seems like something is not working as expected.

Both are valid timezones, try with sudo webinoly -timezone and then you will be asked to enter the timezone. This way seems like its working fine, seems like it's only having issues reading the value directly from the command.

Thanks for reporting this bug, it will be fixed in the next release.


by Expert
I was digging into this issue and I found that I broke this functionality on the latest release (v1.6.1), due to I made the arguments passed in each command case insensitive. This broke the value for timezones when try to compare the entered value with the valid values, this comparation is still case sensitive. And that's why still works if you enter the value manually when it's asked.

Thanks again for reporting this issue and will be fixed in the next release.
by Expert
Today I released an update (v.1.6.2) to fix this issue.
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