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by Rookie

I've just install new webinoly on ubuntu-22.04.2 and it's show error

No VM guests are running outdated hypervisor (qemu) binaries on this host.

MySQL/MariaDB has been installed successfully!

MySQL/MariaDB has been successfully Optimized by Webinoly!

Downloading phpMyAdmin...

[ERROR] Downloading phpMyAdmin failed!


******            INSTALLATION HAS FINISHED SUCCESSFULLY              ******


********       MySQL/MariaDB properly configured and secured!       ********

************         Passwords no longer displayed here.        ************


For passwords, read: https://webinoly.com/documentation/webinolys/#dbdata

I've tried following command, but can not insall phpMyAdmin, how can I install phpMyAdmin?

root@filerun:~# wget -qO weby qrok.es/wy && sudo bash weby

Webinoly is already installed on your server!

To update use the proper command: sudo webinoly -update

root@filerun:~# sudo webinoly -update

You currently have the latest version! (v1.17.2)

root@filerun:~# sudo stack -pma

Downloading phpMyAdmin...

[ERROR] Downloading phpMyAdmin failed!

Verifying integrity of the entire Webinoly system...

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I have opened an issue in the PMA repo for you: https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/18348
by Rookie
Thank you for reply, it's ok now!
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