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I will use Amazon SES for sending & receiving my email marketing campaigns but also I will need a webmail client to easily handle those incoming emails, read them, and reply to them. So, I'll use Rainloop as a webmail rather than paying for Amazon WorkMail.

Now, my question is... What is the right way or maybe (Webinoly way) to integrate Amazon SES with Rainloop so I can use Rainloop as a webmail client to send & receive from AWS SMTP?

I don't want to use Amazon S3 to store emails, I should store in my server. Also, I'll be using AWS SMTP for my email marketing software (automation emails) as well.

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Webinoly does not handle email in the form of an inbox.

Rainloop (or Roundcube) are both web clients for displaying and answering emails that are in an inbox on a real email server, they are not mail servers themselves. Both could be hosted on Webinoly php/mysql. But it is better to have the web client close to the IMAP server.

Real mail servers would be (and are not compatible with Webinoly, you'd need another box):



You could also use a redirect service to get mail@somedomain.com to your personal@gmail.com account.

Or you buy webmail somewhere.

There are hosting panels out there which also do email, but wordpress will always be better on Webinoly. One example would be https://hestiacp.com/ .

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What if I "manually" apply all those configurations I see when I type  webinoly -info  , will this make my server and WordPress optimized on Hestia panel like on Webinoly?

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Webinoly does much more than optimize those values, there are also kernel tweaks. I would suggest you get one box for WP on Webinoly and one for your email server.
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