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by Rookie
After update Webinoly today all my WP page/post now become nginx 404 but homepage.

I have around 10 WP website on my VPS and all of those websites have this problem.

Please help me.

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Fixed in v1.7.1 released today!

Please, update to get the latest Webinoly version and then reset the nginx configuration.

sudo webinoly -update
sudo webinoly -server-reset=nginx

This should fix this issue.

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Hi rikyulin,

Sorry to hear that, we have updated a bunch of servers and sites without any problem.

We have made changes in the nginx conf, but nothing significant to have these issues. The only thing that comes to my mind is that you should try this:

In /etc/nginx/common/php.conf

# Change this line:
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args $uri =404;
# Remove the 404 part:
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;

Also, check your logs and look what you can find.

sudo log -php
sudo log domain.com -error
sudo log -error


by Rookie
Thank you!

It works again.
by Expert

I'm glad that everything is working fine again.

You should check for a possible hidden issue in your WP sites, maybe caused by a custom configuration. The 404 line in the php.conf file shouldn't be causing issues in a normal WP installation.

by Rookie
I had the same problem with almost a fresh multisite install after the update.
by Expert

Thanks you guys for reporting this issue.

I have been digging into this and found that was a mistake adding that 404 part to the php.conf file. Tomorrow there will be a new release with some minor fixes and improvements, including this.

For now you can edit that file as is suggested in the answer of this post (above). Also, if you have the cache option enabled in your WP sites, everything should work fine, this issue is only present when cache is disabled.

Best regards and sorry for the inconveniences.

by Expert
Fixed in v1.7.1 released today!
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