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Hello! I installed Webinoly on Ubuntu 18, 2gb ram. Everything works well except for a few minor issues:

Swap Ram is automatically installed by Webinoly that will disappear when restarting the server!

Similarly, Redis is also disabled when the server is rebooted!

There are many others who have similar problems on the support forum. However, because of reading your comments, saying that due to a user error, I tested on 3 new VPS and left the default configuration, but it still failed.

I think with this case, you were somewhat conservative. Perhaps, we should begin to consider that problem at Webinoly.

Finally, I installed Webinoly on a new server, installing swap ram according to DO instructions. Use the sudo systemctl enable redis-server command to always start Redis.

Now that a new problem has occurred, the Redis gradually occupy all the Ram and the server collapses!

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Fixed in v1.7.1 released today!
by Rookie
The best news of the day! Thank you very much! :)
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Many others?

No, you're just the second person reporting this.

To be honest, I still don't know why it's happening, I can't reproduce this issues on my end. Everything works fine.

Would be great if some users having this issue could investigate and tell us what it's happening..


by Talented
Redis does not start on reboot by default on any of these VPS.

I tried Webinoly on Vultr, DigitalOcean, and AWS E2.

On Vultr, the Swap file is never created, Redis is not started.

On DigitalOcean, the Swap file vanishes after reboot.

On AWS E2, it is perfectly fine.
by Expert
Good to know, we use AWS for all the dev and test of Webinoly. Cheap cloud providers always have an erratic behavior, I should investigate a little bit more to fix this to make it work with DO and Vultr.

That's why I personally never use DO, Vultr or Linode.
by Expert
Fixed in v1.7.1 released today!

Thanks for reporting this issue.
by Talented
Thank You QROkes, Very Cool!
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