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As I'm troubleshooting an issue and reading through the forums, I came across this comment and it got be curious about some specific best practices. I've been using Webinoly for about a year and a half to manage my first linux web server (Ubuntu 18 on AWS Lightsail), I've maybe made some assumptions on the proper way to maintain the server and I think it may be worth me asking.

Are there any other recommendations on maintaining a the server?

One immediate question I have is should I be keeping the locally modified config files? For example when running an upgrade should I keep the local version?:

If I chose the wrong option, is there a simple way to have Webinoly overwrite the file to the correct configuration?

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by Expert

Hi Mikes,

  • Yes, always keep the local current version.
  • In case of wrongly overwrite files, you can use the sudo webinoly -server-reset option, and it will try to restore most of the main conf files.
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