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by Rookie
I've finally gotten around to trying to export my Webinoly sites from an old server that needs to die and to then import them to a brand new 20.04 basic droplet on DO.

Exporting a site locally with standard parms work well. I then ftp it over to the new server /root and import it again with standard parms. In both cases the import came through but unfortunately none of the sites work properly.

Site 1 cant load the UberMenu plugin properly and says that Javascript doesn't work. I can however login to backend (where nothing seems wrong).

Site 2 seems to have the wrong DB credentials and can not load at all.

Any idea on what I'm doing wrong here?

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by Expert
  1. Be sure you're using the latest version (v1.15.0) on both servers, when you create the exported file and on the other server when you are importing this file.
  2. During the importing process you should see a blue message: "Restoring database for example.com site!", which means that the user and password for each database has been correctly fixed and restored to be used on the new server.
If you are using the latest version and you're not seeing this message then: Your site NGINX configuration is corrupted.
If you are using the latest version and you're correctly seeing this message then: Your WP configuration file is corrupted.
Can you please confirm which of these is your case? Maybe we can try to prevent similar situations in future releases.
by Rookie

Both ends are running Webinoly 1.15. The old one throws a lot of errors on 'webinoly -verify' though. But the sites run.

I also manually checked the wp-config file for site 2 on both ends and the credentials were identical.

A difference between the two servers are that the old one runs MariaDB 10.2 while the newly installed one is on 10.6.

The reason for abandoning the old server is that I failed to upgrade it several times. Both from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 but it also got totally corrupt when trying to upgrade php from 7.2 to 7.4 within Webinoly earlier this year (see separate thread). That's why I'm not even trying to change anything on the old server.

It is very likely that the nginx on the old server is corrupt while it still serves the WP sites correctly. I was about to fix it manually but you explicitly told me not to.

Log from second try on site 2 (overwriting):

Site nevergreens.se already exists...  Overwriting...

Webinoly Site Backup nevergreens.se imported successfully!

by Expert

On the new server:

  1. Delete your site: sudo site example.com -delete=force
  2. Try to import your site again and show me (copy/paste) the messages you see. Please, don't use the OVERWRITE=ON option, this is very important in this case.
by Rookie



site nevergreens.se -delete=force

Database of your site nevergreens.se has been successfully deleted! 

Site nevergreens.se has been successfully deleted!


webinoly -backup=local -import -file=nevergreens.se

Sites found:


Webinoly Site Backup nevergreens.se imported successfully!

So, the message you are looking for about 'restoring database' is not there unfortunately. What next?

by Expert

Sorry, Gunnar, your issue is out of the scope of this forum.

  • Seems like your backup file doesn't even contain the DB, which means that your origin server is completely corrupted because your site is not even detected as a WP site.
  • You need to do a manual recovery of your sites to move all your data to a new server. That means you need to manually move your folders and database.
Don't take me wrong, but if you don't feel comfortable managing a server, you should seriously consider moving to a "Managed-Hosting", they will solve all these things for you everytime you need.

I remember your last post and you have some months carrying this same problem.


by Expert

Just for the record: This user was blocked and the last comment removed.

I do this entirely in my free time and without any expectations from the users except for being polite to me and each other.

by Rookie

@QROkes - appreciate all you do - you've created some fantastic tools that have saved me a whole bunch of time.  Thanks

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