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by Rookie
Hi I have a old duplicator backup, and after I created a site with webinoly, I delete all directories on /var/www/domain.com/htdocs and tried to restore the old backup, everything goes fine until the extracting part, the duplicator installer says that seens like the server doesn't have the permission to write on htdocs. the www-data user have permissions to write on htdocs

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by Expert
Where did you upload your backup?

It sounds like you are uploading your backup to a location with no public access or out of the scope of www-data user.
by Rookie

I uploaded it on /var/www/mysitename.com/htdocs 

checked the permissions and all seem 644...  I remember a long time ago I used vestacp, I when using things like duplicator, or trying to upload I usally asked me for my ftp credentials, and i was fixable by using a chown command (can remember exactly)
I tryed to extract it manually, It works, but I can update or install plugins, still asking for my ftp credentials

by Rookie
QROkes, what would be the default chown permissions for webinoly?
Should I try chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/mysitename.com/htdocs?
by Expert


  • 755 for folders
  • 644 for files
For internal operations you don't need FTP credentials, you are not bringing files from an external source.
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