Webinoly Settings

The command “Webinoly” is for global settings, for example, block an IP, Fastcgi Cache settings, backups, custom HTTP headers, SMTP for emails, SFTP access, some MySQL additional settings, etc.

Tip: In the Webinoly Configuration File you can make any customization needed based on your custom requirements.


sudo webinoly <option>


  • -backup
  • blockip
  • -cache-valid
  • -clear-cache
  • -custom-headers
  • -datadog
  • -db-import
  • dbpass
  • -default-site
  • -dynvar
  • -email
  • -external-sources-update
  • -info
  • -login-www-data
  • mysql-password
  • -mysql-public-access
  • -query-string-cache
  • -query-string-never-cache
  • -timezone
  • -tools-port
  • -tools-site
  • -server-reset
  • -skip-cache
  • -skip-cookie-cache
  • smtp
  • -uninstall
  • -update
  • -verify
  • -version

DEPRECATED: -conf-value_ (in favor of -dynvar), -config-cache (in favor of -cache-valid), -db-role-default, -external-db-save, -header-cache-control, -header-csp, -header-hsts, -header-permissions-policy, -header-referrer, -header-robots, -header-xcto, -header-xfo, -header-xssp, -raw

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