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grep: /root/webinoly_<sitename>_2023-10-10-14:04:14: binary file matches

[ERROR] File not found or empty!

No issue when restoring to an unbutu 20.04 machine. Only issue when restoring on 22.04 machine.

Had to manually uncompress via tar xvf, and restore the site.

Is this error normal?
by Rookie
command used is
sudo webinoly -backup=local -import=sites -file=/root/<filename>
by Rookie

I'm having the same issue on 22 using :

sudo webinoly -backup=local -import=sites -file=/home/ubuntu/webinoly_base22.example.org_2023-10-09-16:32:54

by Rookie
If you are having issues restoring, your best option is to extract the files inside it and recreate the site, import the DB, and move your wp-content files.

This is the only solution I know for now.

You can use tar -xvzf /file/location to extract on your linux vm
by Rookie
Thanks I appreciate it!

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Thanks a lot for reporting this issue!

Can you please try changing this code:

# File: /opt/webinoly/lib/bkp (line: 963)

# Change this:
if [[ ! -f $file || ( -f $file && ( ! -s $file || -z $(grep '[^[:space:]]' $file ))) ]]; then

# To this:
if [[ ! -f $file || ( -f $file && ( ! -s $file || -z $(cat -v $file | grep '[^[:space:]]'))) ]]; then

Please, test it and tell me if it works.


by Expert

Just for the record: This issue was fixed in 1.17.7

by Rookie
I apologize, I am at the hospital due to a sports injury, was unable to check or do this for you. Thanks for updating it.
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