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Allowing an extension changes the error response from 403 to 404 for me.

Only extensions from in the original list get a 404 response.

I edited `/opt/webinoly/webinoly.conf` and ran
sudo webinoly -server-reset

I see nothing in any of the nginx logs, neither in the error, nor access log.

Changing the extension allows file to be downloaded, meaning it does not appear to be a permission issue.

Something else I discovered:

Leaving the extension list blank is the same as leaving it default. Either I don't know how to input a blank value or you need to put some nonsense placeholder there.

Edit: I went for ngingx debug level. But I cannot answer my own question. I made my own custom config. With a root directive. But my root directive gets overriden by common/headers.conf; for some file extensions, sending my requests from my defined root back to htdocs.

I was able to download some of my files and not others, which is just awfully arbitrary.
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I cannot reproduce your issue, everything seems to be fine.
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Create a custom config with a location that includes a root directive.

For example mine:

location /fsrv {

root /mnt/http_mount;

autoindex on;

autoindex_exact_size off;


by Expert

You are mixing two different "issues" in one comment.

  • The first issue related to block/allow extensions, I'm sure it's totally working fine.
  • For the second one, please read the NGINX official documentation about how headers work, especially the inheritance part.

Also, please read: https://webinoly.com/support/849/this-is-not-a-support-forum

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