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by Rookie

First many thanks for Webinoly. 

I was a ee fan but now I love webinoly.

Everything works great and I have a VPS (Linode) setup.

I am trying to send an email via my contact form in WP. It is not working and I am not receiving nothing despite the queue (mailq) being empty.

1) I have port 25 and SSL unable via ufw

2) echo "test-body" | mailx -s "test-subject2" henrik@example.com

     sends the email fine.

3) However when I want to send an email via the contact form...nothing happens even though my contact form says it sent it fine.

Nothing on my gmail spam

Nothing major on my mail.log

So my question:

is webinoly setup to send email via Wordpress?

if so how can I reset this

by Talented

Do you have a plugin installed on your WordPress and a transactional service configured to send emails?

You can configure your SMTP service directly from Webinoly using this command sudo webinoly -smtp

by Rookie
Hi Sidney, Thanks for the help.

I have a plugin that I removed since I figured postfix can do the job by itself.

I do not know what a transactional service is or how to set it up.

I tried sudo webinoly -smtp and it askes me for my SMTP host? where can I find that? also it asks me for my domain... I run multiple websites on my server so what do I enter?

by Rookie
Ok the documentation was not clear.

You simply have to purge the SMTP (sudo webinoly -smtp -purge) to get back to the original Webinoly/postfix setup and it works.

don't forget to look at your logs and open the required ports.

Wasted a few hours but now understanding what the hell an SMTP server is.
by Talented
You must connect with your SMTP service, you can use Amazon SES, Mailgun, Sendgrid, each SMTP provider has its own settings.
by Rookie
I am able to send email directly via postfix (no username/no password). I also installed Amazon SES but don't understand why I need it. Both send email via smtp. What is the difference and why should I use Amazon SES.
by Talented
Yeah the way you do it is not secure. Anyone can use your server to send out spam email. Also, you can get your server taken down by your provider for doing that and on top of that your server will be much much slower because of the extra load. Using an external provider is safer, more secure and better overall. Amazon SES isn't the only one, there are other good providers like mailjet or sendgrid for example.

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