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I just updated Webinoly to v1.9.0. After checking with "sudo webinoly -verify", there is a message that MariaDB v10.4 is recommended. 

I installed Webinoly back then with v1.8.x and now I'm still running MariaDB v10.3.17.

How can I update MariaDB to the recommended v10.4? On the official website of MariaDB I found update instructions, but they recommend different update ways depending on the initial installing/configuration way. I installed MariaDB with Webinoly - so I don't know how to update MariaDB.


Can you please help?

Many thanks!

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Please, read the documentation before asking for help.

The "stack" command was made to remove and (re)install packages.

Also, 10.3 is perfectly fine, but of course you can upgrade it manually removing and reinstalling it.

by Rookie

Thank you for your help!

I was looking for an update command or a sentence like "how to update MySQL/PHP/Nginx" in the documentation and therefore I did not see the way of first deleting MySQL (with keeping the data) and then (re)installing MySQL.

So I will do:

  • backup database
  • sudo stack -mysql=keep-data -purge
  • sudo stack -mysql
Again, thank you for your help!
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