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Well there I am again. 

This time I installed webinoly on 2 clean servers. Both times webinoly installed correctly, so the message says (it gives me the pwd of the db etc.) 


When I execute webinoly -verify, on 1 of the (identical) servers, I get this message :

sudo webinoly -verify


Verifying integrity of the entire Webinoly system...

[INFO] HTTP Authentication Credentials not found!

[ERROR] MySQL (MariaDB) service not running!

[ERROR] MySQL Connection to localhost failed!


********      > > >  E R R O R < < <        ***********

********   System could not work properly   ***********


Now before someone starts saying : ' you did something wrong ', let me say : I did the same thing at the same time on 2 exact servers. Both servers gave me the same output upon installing webinoly. One server gives me this error message on verifying .

Why is this ? And how do I solve it ?

1 Answer

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I solved it by fixing broken depencies through the package manager. However, I find it strange that on 1 server, which is created at the same time as the other, it doesn't happen. Quite strange.
by Rookie
Hey there,
I am facing the same issue. Could you please give me the exact solution? Thanks.
by Talented
Hey ...

I don't remember exactly what the scenario was, but I do remember enough. Try updating and upgrading the packages. Then you'll probably see which packages have broken dependencies. Then install those packages.  I remember iterating this process until there were no broken dependencies anymore.

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