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Hi guys. 

So this is scenario
I was using default Wordpress install on Webinoly (fast 1min install guide) on Linode VPS (Nanonode - 1 CPU, 1GB RAM). 

I scaled up  the node to Dedicated 2 CPU, 4GB ram (needed for import, will scale it back down)

I need the performance boost for speeding up the import. So there's no traffic or whatnot. 

I'm expecting to hit both CPUs, but I'm only hitting 1 CPU constantly. Another one is IDLE. 

I know that my expectation might be wrong. 

I'm executing import trouhg WP ALLIMPORT (so WP Admin Backend) for woocommerce product. And registering images in WP with the help of wp media import (scanning locally ftp-ed images into correct /uploads folder). So file IO should be minimal if any at all (that was the bottleneck before when I was locally copying pics during import)


Now without going into complete case & context, here's the question

Does Webinoly (and LEMP) stack has a setting to command how many CPUs (any part of or complete LEMP stack) uses?

I tried sudo webinoly -server-reset which reconfigured RAM usage correctly (ie I see increase in RAM consumption from before as expected). 

And I tried mingling with worker_processes in Nginx (although 'auto' should do the trick).

I'm fishing for any LEMP stack (or webinoly) setting I could take a look and investigate further? Any directions would be much appreciated

Obviusly I'm not some hardcore DevOps ninja or I'd already found an issue, lol. Rookie, but willing to get my hands dirty, np. So bear that in mind when answering. Thanks.

closed with the note: Got the hitn. Issue should be solved elsewhere (not Webinoly related)

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It has nothing to do with Webinoly!

It depends on the process you run, not all programs allow multi-threading.
by Rookie

I know, I know. Wasn't implying it has anything to do with it. 

And thanks for the hint... Turns out PHP is single-threaded which made running import from a single process a "bit" slow. But there are solutions to that, np.

Thnx for your input QR (and for #goat Webinoly!)

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