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I know this is not a standard Webinoly support type issue but if you have an idea what might be causing this problem, I would be very glad to hear it.

I have tried 3 different CDNs and 4 different CDN enablers, with or without a custom domain, and the pull zones simply don't pick up any files from the Pull Zone when its on Webinoly.

As a test I tried a couple of free trials with hosting companies and with the site migrated to the new host the CDN started to work.

I have tied everything I can think of including deactivated the firewall, but nada!

The only time a CDN works on this site is when the site was NOT on Webinoly.

Is there perhaps something in the NginX Content Security Policy (CSP)/ response headers which could be causing this?

Unfortunately there is nothing in the CDN logs (empty) to help me.

Any ideas?
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Ooops!  I just checked and CSP is not fully implemented yet (v1.12), so it won't be that which is causing the problem.
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Found the answer by going through Cloudflare DNS zone file line by line. Cloudflare must have imported the zone before I had completed the cname for the CDN custom domain so it wasn't point to the CDN Pull Zone but directly at the site.  Driver error again!

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I'm glad you solved your issue and remember:

  • You need to give technical details in order to can help you.
  • At the end of the day, Webinoly is just a very well-tuned NGINX server. What I want to say is that anything that has support for Nginx will be easy to implement in your Webinoly server.
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Yes, I was struggling for technical details with nothing showing up in the CDN log files.
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