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by Rookie

Quite awhile ago I installed 10 WP sites each of 2 different DO droplets. The only attention I've given the installs in that time is to run the Webinoly updates.

But I'm now having DB issues on a few domains under each droplet. And I'm running into the problem of accessing PHPAdmin for each droplet. 

With the first droplet, the httpauth access pop-up is not accepting the credentials listed using the -dbpass command for that droplet. Neither for root or admin.

And there's no other users listed when running httpauth -list.

On the 2nd droplet, the pop-up accepts the user/passwd, but then gives a 403.

Can anyone give me an idea where to look or what to change to get access? As I mentioned, it's been awhile since I've even looked at these 2 test installs using Webinboly, so I'm right out of the loop on how to troubleshoot and gain access under this platform.


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by Expert

Try reading this: https://webinoly.com/en/faq/

by Rookie
Thanks, I have, and it doesn't shed any light on the behaviour I'm seeing
by Expert

A year ago you posted a very similar question.

Please, read the documentation, your issue is a very simple thing that is very well explained in the docs and is included in the FAQ section.

Now, the problem is that you are trying to access HTTP Auth with MySQL credentials, if you cannot even see the difference between these two things, so there's no so much we can do for you!

by Rookie

Pray tell how I find out the http credentials when no users or folders are listed as having a user or password set?

MySQL DB/Passwd allows me to access the DB

Httpauth allows me to access protected pages/folders. Right?

So why am I being prompted for a user/passwd when none have been set and none are showing as being set when using the the command httpauth -list?

by Expert
Did you read the FAQ page? There you will find an explanation as to why you are prompted for a user/pass and how to solve it. There's no need to copy-paste the same info here.

It's that simple!
by Rookie
I see the issue now. But this is where it's all simple & straightforward to you, as the developer, but not so straightforward to me, as a an occasional non techie user.

I was coming from the premise that I had to first set a user/pwd BEFORE I'd be prompted. Even though it seems straightforward on re-reading the the relevant section now, I was labouring under the impression I had to first set the folder permissions before seeing a prompt screen. That's was what confusing me.

But now a separate issue (on a different install) has arisen, in that I'm getting a "not found" when trying to access the tools folder on domain.com:22222/pma

I've set domain.com as the tools access point using the relevant command, and haven't changed the port number.

by Expert

I think you have two options at this point:

  • If you don't feel comfortable reading and understanding technical docs, you should go with a Managed-Hosting service, some of them provide "top-notch" support for people that need it.
  • If you want to learn, Webinoly can be very helpful, but if you will ask every basic thing you see everyday waiting for someone to assist you, this will take years and thousands of questions. Read and try and then try again, that's the way to learn!
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