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by Rookie
[Error]  Database connection failed.

When I try to clone the stage site to prod. The stage site works correctly.
by Expert
And what's your question?

Is it happening in a new and fresh installation?

Do you know how to reproduce this issue?

Do you know what is causing this issue?

Just posting the error message is not so much useful.
by Rookie
On fresh installation everything OK. Only one site show this error. What it can be?
by Expert
Run the Webinoly "Verify" command for a clue.
by Rookie
Integrity test passed!!
by Expert
That's weird!

Are you sure you are running the latest version (v1.12.1) of Webinoly?
by Rookie


Run webinoly -update

Run webinoly -info

Everything OK!

by Expert
I have no idea!

The same DB check is run when clone WP and verify, I don't know why it fails only when clone.

Check if you have manually changed some data in wp-config. Corrupted data in DB variables can cause these kinds of errors.
by Rookie
I'm using another database prefix, can it be a problem?
by Expert
It shouldn't be a problem!

The problem is when people manually change these variables using invalid characters or using double quotes instead of single quotes, or they introduce some typos, etc.
by Rookie
I find an error in wp-config.php. There was a double quotes as you say. Thank you!

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