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by Rookie

I'm getting this error in webinoly -verify

External DB credentials found!
    [Error]  Database conection failed.

Everything works fine, WordPress and phpmyadmin can connect to the external server without problems. In the Webinoly config file, I'm using the same user, password, host, and port that wordpress uses in config.php.

So I don't know what could be the cause for webinoly not being able to connect to the DB.

Best regards.
by Expert

Ok. If everything is working fine, so there's nothing to worry about. Maybe it's just a bug.

Can you tell us how you are entering your DB credentials? Are these credentials saved in the Webinoly conf file or you entered them via the command line?

Can you please run this command using the site (example.com) that is connected to this external DB: sudo site example.com -info

Let me know if it fails!

by Rookie
This is the info of my site:

Type: WordPress
Status: Enabled
SSL: Let's Encrypt
Access Logs: false
Force Redirect: off
Size: 3.8G
External DB credentials found!
External DB credentials found!
Site XXXX.XXX is the main site in a WP Multisite Network!

Cache: true
Multisite: subdirectory
WP Auth: true
Debug: true

Database: 172.16.XX.XXX:3306
DB Name: wordpress
DB Prefix: wp_
Blog ID: 1

I put in the database credentials by manually editing the Webinoly config file:

# Saved External DB Credentials to use instead of localhost
# Values: <access-data>
# Default: <empty>
# Note: (server-reset not needed)
# Note: https://webinoly.com/documentation/sites/#externaldb
external-dbu:XXXXXXX user
external-dbp:XXXXXXX pass
by Expert

So, it's failing only when "verify" and not with "info". That's weird!

Can you please paste here the complete output of the "verify" command?

by Rookie
Verifying integrity of the entire Webinoly system...
(1) Webinoly Integrity Test successful!
(2) NGINX Verification Test successful!
(3) PHP Verification Test successful!
(4) MySQL Verification Test successful!
(5) Service Status Verification Test successful!
(6) Operating System Verification Test successful!
(7) Additional Tools Verification Test successful!
(8) Permissions Verification Test successful!
External DB credentials found!
    [Error]  Database conection failed.

(9) Sites Verification Test successful!

Integrity test successfully passed!!!
by Expert
Ok. Thanks!

At first sight, it seems it could be a bug introduced in our last release. I was moving some code related to how we check the MySQL connection.

Next week I will try to reproduce this issue and I will keep you posted here.

by Expert

Sorry, I can't reproduce this issue!

I tried different cases with no success, all of them using external DB:

  • If no credentials are saved in config file, then when verify is running it prompts and asks for the credentials.
  • If credentials are saved, then it runs as expected.
  • If wrong credentials are saved, the error is displayed and then it prompts and asks to enter the credentials.

So I was not able to reproduce the behavior you are describing. If you can debug it and provide more details will be very helpful.


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