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When the server is restarted the swap memory is not automatically loaded!

When the server is created it loads without problems the swap the problem is in the reboot of the server.

I'm using webinoly 1.6.2 with a new install.

I create the swap manually, but I wonder if this is a problem or should I always create the swap before installing the webinoly.


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Fixed in v1.7.1 released today!

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This command may help, it worked for me.

echo /swapfile none swap defaults 0 0 >> /etc/fstab
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Hi Sidney,

If you are creating your swap manually as you said, maybe you did something wrong in the process.

What I recommend is that you should let Webinoly create the Swap, if Webinoly detect that you don't have a Swap file/partition, it will create it according to the ammount of RAM available.


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