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by Rookie
Two questions:

Is it OK to install Webinoly alongside Docker? Mainly for reverse proxy, but also a Wordpress website or two.

If yes, to use Webinoly as a reverse proxy for Docker, to get an SSL certificates, where do I point the root path?

I know there may be Docker solutions for Nginx reverse proxy, but I do really like using Webinoly, and would like to continue.

Thank you...

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by Expert
First of all, you don't need docker to use Nginx as reverse proxy, with Webinoly we have an option to create a site as reverse proxy. Read the docs!

Or maybe I'm not understanding your question, can you explain how do you plan to integrate Webinoly with docker?

The root-path for reverse proxy SSL is where your web public data is stored in the reverse proxy location, similar to "htdocs" for regular sites.
by Rookie
I would like to use Webinoly for reverse proxy for the Docker container apps that I install.
by Expert
Ok. Yes, you can use Webinoly that way to access your installed docker apps, maybe you only will have to change the "proxy_pass" parameter in your site-conf to point to your app.

To be honest, I've never did it, but should not have any issues.

Do it and tell us about your experience, this way other users can read about it.

by Rookie
Thanks, I will give it a try and let you know.

I have become used to Webinoly so instead of using a Docker reverse proxy option, I'd really like to stay with Webinoly. Thanks to you for this wonderful option.

I have never used Docker before, but seems something worth getting into. I don't even know how mixing Docker containers apps with manual installed apps will be like?

I have used Webinoly as a reverse proxy before with manual installed apps, all was fine. But for Docker, I hope it goes well. The only thing that confuses me beforehand is for the “-root-path” of the Docker app for the SSL certificates on reverse proxy?
by Expert
Thanks a lot for your kind support!

Please, don't hesitate to ask any questions.
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