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Can you please tell me how to create a custom WP install with plugins, theme etc already installed? I do the same type of work every day. I create wordpress on webinoly with a standard set of plugins and my own themes. I would like to automate this work.

I understand that it can be realized through -clone-from. But from the documentation is not quite clear how to do it correctly. I am afraid to break sites. I hope for help from experienced users.
by Rookie
Can you please tell me if I have to go through the staging.example.com step? Can I create dev.example.com and then create new sites from it via sudo site example.com -clone-from=dev.example.com -cache=on -env=production -overwrite=on

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Create one site (main.example.com) and set it up with all your required plugins stack.

When you need to start a new project (new.example.com) with the same stack,

sudo site new.example.com -clone-from=main.example.com -cache=on
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