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by Rookie

How do I enable and show subfolder installs when I type sudo site -list?

I like that I can install subfolder but I realize that I might forget in a week or a month that I installed one in the subfolder. It doesn't show in the list.

I'm sure you know this too is a problem.

1 Answer

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by Expert
TBH, I'm not sure if this should be added to "site list" since a subfolder is not a different site, per se. I understand that having this info could be useful, so maybe the "site info" could be a better place to show a subfolder list.
by Rookie

Honestly, anyone using Webinoly would be completely unaware of the existence of the website, and it's glaringly evident. At the very least, when someone enters `sudo site -list`, it should display, with perhaps, a DOUBLE + or - symbol... Allow me to illustrate:

`sudo site -list`

+ website.com
++ website.com/SUBFOLDER
+ website2.com
- website3.com
- - website3.com/SUBFOLDER
by Expert
Not sure how it will be implemented, but I've just scheduled a revision in v1.19.0 (late 2024).
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