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Hey all,

So, I've probably forgotten to remove an LE cert for a site on a server in the past. Webinoly told me this after -verify  ... I'm no LE expert or so. It's not in the way, but is there a way of removing it?


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Please, read the Webinoly documentation!

Orphan certs can be removed the same way as a normal cert.

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Who says I didn't read the docs? Is it a new feature that they can be removed the same way or so?

And in any case ... removing it like you said 'in the normal way' still gives me an orphaned cert with -verify ... so yeah .. whatever man.
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If you want to report a bug, please provide all the technical details to fix it, other way it makes no sense if you just complain, this is a professional community.
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I don't complain. I asked a question and get 'scolded' with a bold 'read the docs'. That's far from professional. I've 'promoted' Webinoly far and wide, without you knowing it, so don't belittle me over an orphaned SSL question.

And besides, have you ever thought about the fact that I asked because the 'normal way' doesn't seem to work for me?  I bet not..
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