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by Rookie
Im sorry if this has been asked before. Redis cache only work at the front end. is there a way to enable redis cache in the backend? so we will not use a lot of resource if we host multi website for our client?
by Expert
Can you explain to us, how Redis currently works in Webinoly and how it supposed it should work with your proposal? (Please, provide technical details in your explanation)
by Rookie

as per my understanding, redis cache store assets in user's computer, so server cpu  will no be use everytime user reload the page. it will only reload any new information rather than reloading everything.

I always use htop command, and ctrl+r my website really fast to see if redis is working.

1. This is the condition when I ctrl+r my website really fast, it worked great:


2. This is the condition when I ctrl+r when logged in to the wp-admin:


by Expert
Don't take me wrong, but what you're saying it simply doesn't make any sense. I'm glad you're trying to learn and Webinoly can be very helpful for that, but please try to read more before posting, if you have an idea try to solve it by yourself and you will learn during the process and only after that you can come here to post your solution and discuss it.
by Rookie

Thank you. because of webinoly, I learn so much. smiley

by Rookie

hi, I want to ask you, is what im asking for is a pro version?


it say "redis object cache backend"

by Expert

Please, take my advice:

  • First of all, you need to understand what Redis Cache is and how it works. I don't know why you are looking for something you don't even understand.
  • If you have questions about that particular product, you need to ask them in their support forum, not here.
by Rookie
oh, because they use the word backend too. but anyway, nevermind. thank you.

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