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by Rookie

I am running WordPress Multisite (first.com with wildcard SSL)

I created a new site on the network (second.first.com)

I added a parked domain (site second.com -parked=first.com)

then generated SSL for second.com (site second.com -ssl=on -root=amenbiz.com)

I have mapped second.com to second.first.com on the WordPress multisite network

Now I have the following issues

1. when I visit second.com it says ssl invalid with 

This server could not prove that it is second.com; its security certificate is from first.com. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

2. first.com is now redirecting to second.com with same ssl error

I have cleared cache still

I uninstalled the multisite and reinstalled a subdirectory multisite. still same problem. Please help

1 Answer

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by Expert

I saw you issue again because is similar to this: Wrong redirection and SSL with Parked Domains / Mapped Domains - Webinoly Community

The mapped domain is pointing to the main site site second.com -parked=first.com which is incorrect, domain mapping is only for subsites.

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